Monochrome Madness: Gray Series


Today is all about monochrome lovebugs! Monochrome has been the rave in spring/summer looks and definitely for fall/winter. Now I’ve always been a girl that loves some color! My apartment is full of it lol. But recently I’ve been wearing a lot of muted colors especially gray. In my mind it’s the perfect neutral and looks good on pretty much everyone. Continue Reading

Vacation Style

Now if you’ve never been on a cruise vacation before I definitely recommend it! It’s cool to go to different islands and do excursions but best of all the food is all inclusive! I mean you get to eat anytime! How perfect is that! Drinks are discounted so be careful or else the boat won’t be the only thing rocking!

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Oversized T-Shirt Dress


Hi lovebugs! So for many people thinking about how an oversized tshirt dress may look, they might use the words frumpy, sloppy, or messy. But they can actually be fashionable, stylish, and comfy! An oversized tshirt dress makes me feel fashiionable without having to give up comfort for style! Continue Reading