Styling a Sequin Blazer Jacket


Hi lovebugs! This sequined blazer jacket look came from a conversation I had a while back where we discussing what to wear to an event and someone said you can’t wear sequins in the day time, to which I responded “well why not?” That’s when I decided to put a look together centered around this sequin blazer jacket. The thought was that sequined anything is too loud, too shimmery, and inappropriate for an event in the daytime. I completely disagree. Sequins are festive, fun and not a lot of people are open to wearing sequins so you know wherever you go, you’ll be less likely to bump into a similar outfit. And a blazer jacket is great if its a little chilly in the location you will be in.


I love this sequined blazer jacket from one of my favorite stores, Zara! I love the bright colors on this blazer jacket and the pattern is amazing. It’s not too shiny where you feel like you’re blinding passerbys. It’s a perfect statement piece.

It’s colorful which I love and I didn’t want to take away from that so I paired it with a mustard crop top and coral heels to stay in the same color family.

I added the ripped jeans to give the outfit a laid back comfortable feel that can make it a fun daytime event outfit or an outfit that can be easily translated to night time. I love outfits that can transition from day to night… all purpose is the way to go!



What are your thoughts on sequined items to wear during the day? Are you a lover of sequins as well?

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    • Hi Vernon! Thanks for commenting! They just opened a Zara at my job and I think I’m going to be there at every lunch break lol!

    • Yassss Zara never fails!!!! Especially when there is a sale! Thanks for dropping by and commenting XOXO

    • Thank you so much hun! And thank you for commenting and stopping by XOXO

  1. You look absolutely amazing! I wish I was in such great shape – Love the shoes!

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