LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal HD Concealer- Review & Swatches


LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal HD Concealer Review

Hi Lovebugs! Today’s Try it Tuesday’s post will be a review on the LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal Concealer! Sorry that I’ve been MIA for so long, I injured my ankle and just couldn’t get any posts together. But I didn’t want to leave you guys without any new content, so I figured I would focus on some beauty posts while I recover, I missed you all! Ok, so let’s get into it!


So this post is seriously overdue as I have been wearing these concealers for over a year now and I need to let you guys know how amazing the LA Girl Cosmetics pro conceal are for women of color. First off let’s look at the colors I chose:


-The orange corrector
-Dark Cocoa

Now for the PROS!
-Affordable – Guys, I got these for $2.99. Yes, I said $2.99 at my local beauty supply store. You can pick these up at any beauty supply store I’m sure for under $5.But just in case these aren’t in your area, you can order these online at walgreens and or

-Coverage- Full coverage. A little goes a long way with these concealers. You don’t need to pile it on and you get the color payoff that you are looking for without having to use a lot of product.

-Durable- When i tell you that these concealers don’t budge! Believe me-you can wear them all day. They dry quickly with a matte finish.

-Color Range- The shade range that they offer is just out of this world. The ranges run for pale skin to the darkest skin. It’s so amazing that they were able to include appropriate shades for all women. This is also such a win for women of color like me who don’t have that many affordable options when it comes to makeup colors. My brown girls will love it.There’s a shade for ua all!

-Consistency- I love the consistency. It comes out thin and has the right amount of water in it. It comes out the tube very easily and you can apply this straight to your face and build if you need to.

-Ease of Use- The tube is so easy to work with. The product comes out very easily and the brush applicator is easy to use.

The only thing I will say is try not to lose the top to the concealers because the concealer will dry out and it’ll be hard to get the product out.


How I Use the La Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal Concealers
Orange Color Corrector- I just started color correcting and this is my go to concealer to cancel out any dark areas and under eye circles. I use the orange very sparingly though so as not to turn into an orange faced mess. Remember a little goes a long way so just spot treat on the areas you want to hide and blend it out so it melts in your skin before your foundation.

Fawn- Fawn has a yellow undertone which is a little bright for me for everyday use, so I use fawn for those special night outs or whenever i need my highlight on FLEEK. I use it on my eyebrows, my nose, and under my eyes. When I’m doing my eyebrows I only use it only on the bottom of the eyebrow, i don’t use it to conceal the top, i would use a more similar tone to my complexion like toast.

Toast- I use toast for most of my everyday makeup looks and even night time looks. I don’t like that overly highlighted face that people like to do. I’m more along the lines of having my makeup look seamless and natural, instead of “oh yea” I can tell EXACTLY where she concealed, there’s the roadmap on her face”. It’s enough highlight for me.

Dark Cocoa- I use dark cocoa when i want to skimp on foundation. I’ll use it on spots i want to conceal and throw on some bb cream, or a light coverage foundation for those day’s i just want dewy skin that’s not all made up.

Mahogany- I think Mahogany is the darkest shade they have and it’s DARK. The darkest skin women could use this. I don’t like to contour much but this would be a fantastic shade to use if you want that extra dark contour to create deep shadows on your face.

I’m a fan of just about everything LA Girl! See my most recent post on their lip paints which I love, here

The LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal Concealers are a MUST Have, not even a must try for all women struggling to find a perfect concealer match. Whether you are a pro make up artist or a beginner, you need to have these babies in your kit. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Do you own any of the LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal concealers? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below!

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Love, Kisses and Hugs


  1. I’ve used these concealers before. But never to actually conceal. Like I more so use it to fix up my brows or if I’ve messed up on my winged liner. But after seeing this post I might buy the orange corrector and see if it makes a difference on my face.

    Thank you for this post,
    Naomi (NaominDoll)

    • I started out with using them for my brows too and branched off from there! Give it a try. The orange concealer is good too, just remember a little goes a long way. xoxo

  2. Just what I needed. I honestly don’t know where to begin with makeup. I always have someone do it for me lol. This was very informative!!

    • It’ll get easier trust me! We all struggle in the beginning! But these are great concealers and super cheap for a beginner! Xoxo

  3. I love my LA Girl concealer! One of the best to hide eyebags (from working and staying up late!). And it’s very affordable too. When I read your post I thought these were lippies! So nice to know LA Girl has other shades for all skin types and color!

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

    • Thats what i love about them! They’re so inclusive of EVERYONE! All brands should be like that! Xoxo

    • They have a shade for every complexion! You can def find a shade that works for you 🙂 Xoxo

    • You will def find your shade in these! They’re so expansive 🙂 Xoxo

  4. I have been using the warm honey shade for my highlights, and I absoluetly love it. I got the orange concealer yesterday, and I am eager to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love using L.A Girl concealer to do my eyebrows, I use the shade “Fawn” (but only under my eyebrows). I figured I need to get the shade toast to be just right for my skin tone, so that I can use to shape my entire eyebrow.
    I tried using “Mahogany” to contour but I don’t really like it. It looks very muddy on my skin tone so it’s just in my makeup drawer taking up space.

    • Hi hun, try the link in my post or ebay or amazon! You’ll love them!

    • Yes they are super cheap and give great coverage! You’ll love them!

  6. Stopping over from the #USbloggers chat tonight! They look amazing and now i am totally on the hunt to find these babies!!!

  7. So funny that I have the entire collection of these and have yet to use them -__-! I will do better because these look like they will be pretty on the skin. Great post! 😡

    • Yes give them a try! They’re thick and have a shade for every complexion 🙂 Xoxo

  8. Need to try these, ive had bad luck with concealers as i feel they crease so easily and have a papery consistency, but these sound good. Thanks for the review hun x

    • yes these are reallyy good. They are thick I think you’ll like them and they’re super cheap!

    • Hi hun, try ebay or amazon or the link i included in my post 🙂

  9. I really need to get these back out and give them another go! I didn’t give them a proper chance but found the coverage quite light and like I was squeezing a lot to get the product out however the shade range is so good for an affordable product I really want to like them 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • I say def try them again.I don’t like too much product on my face but a little goes a long way for me these! I think you’ll find your perfect shade and they are very long lasting! XOXO

    • Yes it’s hard to believe how cheap and good they are! Make sure you stock up! Xoxo

  10. I love how nice and cheap la pro girl concealers are and for me personally I think they do a better job than MAC concealers ! I usually get mine online on eBay, and use fawn and toast! Great review Hun ! X

    • Thanks babe! I use fawn and toast religiously as well! I do love Mac’s pro longwear concealer though as well!! Xoxo

    • Yes you are going to love them believe me! They’re super cheap and work great, no creasing! XOXO

  11. Love this post!! Very detailed reviews! I’m gonna check my local beauty supply for these! I have a one now by Rimmel London and its …

  12. I use the concealer as well and I love it! I have never quite understood about color!! I’m like, “why would I put orange on my face?” I know there is a science behind it, I’m just messing around! Great blog! 🙂

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