Hi dolls! So I was out running errands and walked by a beauty supply store and of course it was screaming “Come inside… find something to buy” and I’m like “ummmmm… ok… sure” lol. So I saw a display of matte lipsticks from the brand Absolute… they were $2.99 each. I say to myself hey why not grab a red and a pink since those are my go to lip colors and try something different, so I grabbed a blue. I don’t normally go for a matte look unless I’m going somewhere super special. My lips are big and I have a fear of them looking dry. Take a peek below at the colors!


There will only be pics of the pink (crimson) and the red (dark red) colors as the blue lipstick is a shiny formula that was mixed in with the matte so I decided to take pics of the true matte colors.


The formula is actually a bit creamy. I wouldn’t say it’s a matte formula at all. It’s not dry and it applies pretty smoothly. However, it feathers a little bit when you apply. You will see what I mean in the pictures below. If you’re looking for a dry, matte look these aren’t the lipsticks for you. But if you’re like me and like a little sheen to your lips this could be a good simple look if you need something to throw on..the colors aren’t too bright/sticky. My favorite is definitely the deep red although it’s not a dark red as the name suggests. It’s pretty bright to me. See below… these pics are with flash.

Dark Red


Let me me know below if you have any of the matte colors from the brand Absolute and how you feel about them. Do you think they are a true matte? Are you open to trying them after seeing these pics?  Let me know your thoughts lovebugs!

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Try it Tuesday

Hi lovebugs! So I’ve decided every Tuesday will be officially called Try it Tuesday! I’ll basically be putting some shine on an item that I think you should try and more importantly get! Let me know if you’ve tried out any of the items and what you think below!

Ok first up is la girl cosmetics glazed lip paints! They can be found at your local beauty supply store for about $2.99/$3.99. How affordable is that! The glosses are super pigmented, so for those that are not into anything too glossy on your lips you may not be into it,  but I’m in love!  They make my lips super juicy

Here’s a swatch of 11 colors on my skin for women of color so you can get a taste of how theyll look but they are pretty on everyone! Yayay for universal colors for all women. We all win!

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Let me know what you guys think!